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Rise and expansion of islam - 1336 Words

The rise and expansion of Islam has had a significant impact on the role and rights of women throughout history. Since its origin in the seventh century until modern times, the Muslim faith has somewhat broadened, but has mostly restricted women’s rights in numerous Islamic communities. The history of Muslim women is complex, as it involves many advances and declines in numerous locations, such as Egypt, Afghanistan, and Iran, concerning several subjects, including both civil and social rights. Thus, in general, the rights of Islamic women did not improve significantly over time, instead, conditions remained the same or became worse for women as Islam evolved and spread as a world religion. * From the beginning of Islam, women were†¦show more content†¦For example, after the overthrow of the Shah of Iran and the rise of an Islamic republic in 1979, Iranian women’s rights declined drastically, as can be seen in the political cartoon from The Minneapolis Star. In this cartoon, a wilted flower represents Iranian women’s rights, and a devious Muslim man is seen in the background, which presumably symbolizes the new Islamic government led by the Ayatollah Khomeini. Thus, the creation of this new government has greatly diminished whatever women’s rights were previously established in Iran (Doc 9). This source, an American newspaper, may not be as accurate as, for example, a Muslim source because of a general American unfamiliarity with Islam. Princess Ashraf Pahlavi, a high-class Islamic woman, described her experiences as a Muslim female during this period in her memoir Faces in a Mirror: Memoirs from Exile. This specific excerpt depicts the immed iate obedience of high-class Islamic women to their male superiors, despite their own intentions (Doc 10). Thus, although there were sparse attempts to reform the status of Islamic women in the 20th century, in general, the role of women remained the same, or in some cases it was even worse than before. * One of the main disputes in the battle of Islamic women’s rights is the conflict over dress. According to a popular Islamic leader and Egyptian television personality, the sight of women is so alluring that it can be â€Å"intolerably distracting to men† and can â€Å"evenShow MoreRelatedIntroduction. Islam And Medieval Christianity Have Had1229 Words   |  5 PagesIntroduction Islam and Medieval Christianity have had a combative attitude towards each other. Islam considers Jesus as a continuation of the line of the Prophets, while Christians consider Jesus as the Son of God who came to redeem the world from its fallen nature. These two religions are one two of the largest religions across the world and impact billions of people. Some individuals in both religions view each other as infidels and the only recourse is to remove them from the society at largeRead MoreA Discussion Of Faith Rose Surrounding The World Trade Center1630 Words   |  7 PagesMarch 22nd, a question of faith rose surrounding the sanctity of the Islamic faith. In an article meant to expose answers to this very question John Kasich brings up a point that when people claim France is at war with Islam, they actually should be referring to radical Islam. This point pulled further controversy as those who were not Islamic began to wonder if the faith condoned suicide bombings in the na me of expelling infidels and bringing the coming of the Caliphate. Another case mentionedRead MoreIslamic Religion And The Islamic World959 Words   |  4 Pagescentury, the rise of Islamic religion began to quickly move to rule the territories, taking over to create what is now a very important change in Islamic history. The rise of Islam began in the Arabian desert, showing great change for Islam as a religion, as well as the nature of the Islamic empire, but eventually this great rise began to collapse. The events that took place, is considered to be one of the quickest and affecting movements in history. As the movement took place, the Islam introducedRead MoreThe Ottoman And The Aztec Empire976 Words   |  4 Pages(600CE- 1250CE) saw the rise and fall of many great empires. In the early part of the era, the Islamic Caliphates acted as a core region in the Middle East, heavily influencing the region around them. On the other side of the world, the Aztec Empire rose to power in the later part of the era with minimal trans-regional influence. Although on different sides of the world, both empires found similar ways to adapt to their diverse environments. In the post-classical era, the rise of the Islamic CaliphatesRead MoreArabic Calligraphy : An Integral Part Of Islamic Culture1680 Words   |  7 PagesArabic Calligraphy is based upon the development of the Arabic alphabet and is intimately tied to the history of Islam and the writings of the Qur’an. The word calligraphy, is defined as ‘beautiful writing† and is considered to be one of the most noble artistic expressions in the Islamic world. Arabic Calligraphy has become an integral part of Islamic culture mainly because Islam by nature is aniconic, which discourages the artistic representation of animals and human beings. As a result of thisRead MoreIslam Spread Over A Large Portion Of Africa898 Words   |  4 PagesIslam spread over a large portion of Africa through trade with Ar abs and the people in the interior of Africa, the Sufi brotherhoods that helped to solidify the beliefs in people, and Arab settlers in Africa. In combination with those, the vast trade networks in Africa and the Indian Ocean, the rise of states in West Africa, urbanization of towns, and the Islamic revivalist movement all helped to spread the religion and ideologies of Islam through Africa. The origins of Islam in Africa did stem fromRead MoreThe Rise And Further Development Of Islam741 Words   |  3 PagesWith the rise and further development of Islam, the Middle East emerged as a key world region. The religion not only dominated the Middle East but was also spread to the West, Southeast Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa as it gained followers and influence. Why was the spread of Islam so quick, extensive, and influential? What was it about Islam that appealed to so many individuals and converted such a large geographical part of the world? This can further explained by the process o f globalization andRead MoreHow Did Islam Spread Following the Death of Muhammad? What Were Some of the Challenges That the Muslims Faced and How Did They Deal with Them?915 Words   |  4 PagesThe creation of Islam came about from the prophet Muhammad. Islam means submission to G-d, otherwise known as Allah to the Islamic people. Muhammad was someone who knew how to capture the attention of the people and did so very successfully. He spoke with passion and brought together the Arabian tribes who had been fighting for many years. Once united, Muhammad influenced these tribes to convert to Islam. Immediately following his death, the tribes who were once united broke apart and began fightingRead MoreChina And The Golden Age1540 Words   |  7 Pagesin China and the Golden Age. Such prosperous times for Asian states and empires are to be accredited to the notable networking in Asia at this time period. People who utilized the establishment of fundamental institutions such as the rel igions of Islam and Buddhism and various modes of trading and traveling were able to facilitate the diffusion of ideas and cultures therefore indirectly contributing to the overall connection of Asian states and empires during 500-1500 CE. As a general observationRead MoreThe Islamic Civilization And Islam1658 Words   |  7 PagesOne cannot have an adequate and well-versed discussion about Islamic civilization without first defining two key terms: Civilization and Islam. Associate Professor at Washington University in St. Louis, Ahmet Karamustafa, defines civilizations as, â€Å"nothing more than a particular, even unique combination of ideas and practice that groups of human actors – who are the real agents of human history – affirm as their own and use to define and develop their own sense of presence and agency in

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Internal and External Factors Affecting Uk as a...

Internal and external factors Within travel and tourism inbound and domestic tourism are frequently changing, there are many internal and external factors which have a major impact and contribute to these changes. In this assignment I am going to analyse 3 internal and 3 external factors which affect the travel and tourism industry. Internal Strength of the pound Depending on how strong the UK pound is determines how well the country’s economy is; if the pound is strong this means the country is doing well and vice versa. However this also has an effect on the number of people that visit the UK, a strong pound actually deters overseas visitors due to them receiving fewer pounds when exchanging their own money as one UK pound is worth†¦show more content†¦Visit Britain estimated that the 7/7 London bombings in 2005 resulted in a 2% fall in overseas visitors causing a loss of  £300 million for the UK economy and also a total loss of  £150 million to the capital as 50% of overseas visitors travel to London. Book one 3rd edition – Unit 3 – page 117 – 24/11/10 External Economic recession A recession is a general slowdown in economic activity over a period of time which is longer than a few months. During recessions many factors are affected such as; employment, investment spending, household incomes, business profits, bankruptcies and the rise in unemployment rates. Governments usually respond to recessions by increasing money supplies, increasing government spending and decreasing taxes. In 2008 the UK went into a recession, this had a major effect on the value and volume of inbound and domestic tourism in the UK as visitor numbers fell during the year 2009 as a result of the recession. In 2007 the UK received 32.7 million visitors, this fell to 31.8 million in 2008 and fell further again to 29.8 million by 2009. Tourists also began to spend fewer days in the UK during their visits decreasing from an average of 8.4 days in 2006 to 7.7 daysShow MoreRelatedKey Internal and External Influences Affecting Tourism in Brazil2536 Words   |  11 Pages Key Internal amp; External Influences Affecting Tourism in Brazil | Audit Report | | | | | | Contents Page: * 1) Introduction * 2) External PESTLE Analysis Table * 2.1) Political Influences * 2.2) Environmental Influences * 2.3) Social Influences * 2.4) Technological Influences * 2.5) Legal Influences * 2.6) Environmental Influences * 3) Internal Strengths amp; Weaknesses * 4) References Key Internal amp; External InfluencesRead MoreBritish Airwayss Environment1605 Words   |  7 Pagesfreight and mail and the provision of ancillary services. The airline flies to over 550 destinations globally and is considered to be a leader in the industry. In order to profitably satisfy customer needs, an organisation must understand its external and internal situation including the customer, the market and its own capabilities. Furthermore, it needs to understand and adapt to the dynamic and uncontrollable factors of the environment in which it operates. 2005 saw a new Chief Executive being appointedRead MoreTour Operator1671 Words   |  7 Pagesoperator 3 3. Different Type of Tour Operators 3 a. The Domestic Operators 3 b. The Incoming Tours Operators 3 c. Mass Market tour operators 3 d. Specialist tour operators 3 e. Independent tour operator 3 4. Forces affecting on tour operators 4 a. External 4 b. Internal: 4 5. Package Holiday or Inclusive Tour 4 a. Inclusive tour Product Transport 4 b. Inclusive tour Product-Accommodation 4 c. Inclusive Tour Product Transfer and extra 4 6. Planning, marketing and negotiating package toursRead MoreEssay On Pestle Analysis Of British Airways1921 Words   |  8 Pages(British Airways). †¢ I am going doing this to look at the external factors affecting a business and what advantages/disadvantages there may be and if it affects the company in the long term. The results I have gotten from doing this are that there are many factors of a business that affects other things such as the consumers and the environment, (for example, pollution affecting the environment or noise pollution effecting the people). These factors may result in loss of profit or loss of customers andRead MoreAnalysis of British Airways Marketing Environment4680 Words   |  19 Pages1.0 Executive Summary 2.0 Background and Introduction 3.0 External Analysis 3.1 Macro Environmental analysis 3.1.1 Political and Legal Factors 3.1.2 Economic Factors 3.1.3 Social Factors 3.1.4 Technological Factors 3.1.5 Environmental Factors 3.2 Micro Environmental Analysis 3.2.1 Industry Analysis 3.2.2 Market Analysis 3.2.3 Competitor Analysis 3.2.4 Customer Analysis 3.2.5 Stakeholder Analysis 4.0 Internal Analysis 4.1 Resource Analysis 4.2 Marketing Audit 4.2.1 Marketing Strategies AuditRead MoreThe UK as a Destination3479 Words   |  14 Pagesï » ¿ BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Travel and Tourism Long-haul Travel Destinations (Unit 8) 10 Credits Unit. Assessment Tutor: Simon Smith Internal Verifier: Elizabeth Gensler Internally Verified and Approved: September 2013 Handed to students: Week commencing 9th September 2013 Assessment hand in date: Specific Dates are included in the Course Assessment Schedule Assignment front sheet LearnerRead MoreThe European Tour Operators Case3189 Words   |  13 PagesTHE PORTFOLIO ASSIGNMENT PART A: The European Tour Operators Case Introduction The first part of the Portfolio Assignment will include an analysis of the external environment of two large travel companies, Thomas Cook and TUI. The three models that will be included and discussed in the first part of the assignment are PESTEL, Porter’s Five Forces and Industry Life Cycle. These three models should be done for both of the companies. For this assignment I should also briefly discuss the overall attractivenessRead More Manchester Airport operates in an increasingly competitive environment1508 Words   |  7 Pagesprovider, therefore, Manchester Airport has to ensure that it increases capacity and markets itself to become more attractive as the â€Å"airport of choice†. External factors Which Affect financial Performance Numerous factors influence the financial activities and the financial performance of organisations Five major external factors which affect Manchester Airport are: 1 Constant change 2 Competitive environment 3 Single till 4 Government regulations 5 Economic environment Read MoreThe Business Environment Of Primark Corporation7113 Words   |  29 Pages(Primark, 2015) Primark has been operating for almost fifty years developing over the years and branching out to various locations, including Europe and this year including the United States of America. â€Å"Business operates in a rapidly changing internal and external environment†¦ the society permits business to earn profit as reward for bearing risk† (Jain, T. R., Tregan, M. and Trehan, R., 2010) Within the business environment specifically Primark based in the retail sector there is always an elementRead MoreGeneric Strategies of Ba5179 Words   |  21 Pages1 Executive Summary Background and Introduction External Analysis .1 Macro Environmental analysis .1.1 .1.2 .1.3 .1.4 .1.5 .2 Political and Legal Factors Economic Factors Social Factors Technological Factors Environmental Factors Micro Environmental Analysis .2.1 .2.2 .2.3 .2.4 .2.5 Industry Analysis Market Analysis Competitor Analysis Customer Analysis Stakeholder Analysis 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.2.1 4.2.2 4.2.3 4.2.4 4.2.5 Internal Analysis Resource Analysis Marketing Audit Marketing Strategies

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Disparity Between The Wealthy And Poor - 874 Words

Today, unfair treatment gradually emerging due to the rising inequality. It is no doubt that the issues which are brought by the growth inequality should be highly-regarded by the government. To be specific, there are there main challenges for the government that is produced by increasing inequality: it hinders the development of economic, it evokes political concerns, and generates the social issue. As time goes on, widening disparity between the wealthy and poor is one of the greatest challenges, and it seriously impedes economic development. Since widening income gap, the number of poor people will increase, and the poor will become poorer. According to Pomeroy (2014, p.1), the wealthy are becoming more wealthy and have more power on â€Å"economic pie† while the poor are becoming poorer through capital accumulation at an extremely rapid rate. As we all know, the economy like a pie. People who hold wealth can acquire more as increased capital accumulation. In other words, d ue to the size of pie is fixed, a bigger slice from the pie belongs to the wealthy means the smaller slice for the rest poor as time passed. Hence, it generates more inequality. With inequality rising, the poor account for the majority of society. Therefore, the global economic slow down as the consumption of most people dropped. In addition, for a long term, the income gap is a serious issue which causes the economic depression too hard to renew (â€Å"Map: U.S. Rank Near Bottom on Income Inequality,Show MoreRelatedPoverty : A Economic Disparity Between The Rich And Poor1361 Words   |  6 PagesAn impoverished nation forms when there is great economic disparity between the rich and the poor. Adam Smith reflects on the income gap in his quote: â€Å"No society can surely be flourishing and happy, of which the far greater part of the members are poor and miserable.† Due to Saudi Arabia’s vast oil wealth, there is a large amount of the population who live well and fru itful, but more than 20 percent of the population lives in crippling poverty (Baker, 2013). Poverty is usually defined in eitherRead MoreGlobalism And The Growth Of Income Disparity889 Words   |  4 PagesGlobalism and the Growth of Income Disparity Globalism and the Growth of Income Disparity Globalism refers to connectedness and communication networks that span continents and bring the world s people closer together, and globalization refers to how globalism increases or decreases. Digital technology has increased globalism, global marketing and business opportunities, but this growth doesn t mean that everyone gets a share of the wealth. There has been a growing gap between the richest and poorest peopleRead MoreDifference Between Health And Social Class1333 Words   |  6 Pagesthan individuals with high income. This is identified using the obvious example of smoking between the social classes (see Figure 1.1) clearly the disproportionate rates can be seen between these groups. Other explanation for ill health disparity can also be aligned to other forms of â€Å"risk behaviours such as, alcohol consumption, diet and exercise.† Bury M. (1997) However, to give credence to this disparity would be, according to the Black Report (Bury M.1997) emphasising or â€Å"bolstering the ideologicalRead MoreAmerican Capitalism And The Economic System1324 Words   |  6 Pages Wealthy disparity in America is greater than it has ever been, yet nothing seems to be done by the government to fix it. Bridging the wealth gap in America would require government regulation from government, but the American government is controlled by the wealthy. Rich business owners give large sums of money towards political campaigns, thus gaining them political favor. Along with a corrupted government, large corporations have taken up almost all market share in their respective industriesRead MoreEconomic Inequality And Its Effects On Economic Growth1709 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer† is an aphorism elicited from the topic of economic inequality. Over the past decades, economic inequality has been rising an d at an increasing rate, expanding the gap between the rich and the poor. The direct relationship between inequality and poverty has shown that while inequality increases, so too does poverty. Increased inequality is harmful for economic growth and its effects also bear social implications. Although there are arguments on theRead MorePoverty in the U.S.961 Words   |  4 Pagesmeasure of wealth inequality – currently stands at .42, well above that of other nations such as Switzerland and Sweden, which have Gini Coefficients of .31 and .33 respectively. Unfortunately this high level of income and wealth inequality is growing. Between 1979 and 2011, American earners in the top one percent saw wages increase by 113 percent, earners in the 95th percentile saw wages grow 37 percent (Fuller 2014). However, the income growth for the median worker during that same period was a mere sixRead MoreA Perfect World, Economic Inequality1337 Words   |  6 PagesIn a perfect world, econo mic inequality would be nonexistent. There would be no disparities among the races, nor would there separate laws for certain classes of people. The words â€Å"all men are created equal† would truly have meaning and its applicability could not be tampered with or deviated from based on a person’s zip code. If within this perfect world crime did exist, the ramifications of criminal acts would be blind to race, wealth, or family name. Unfortunately, the illustration ofRead MoreUsing Named Examples, Examine the Extent to Which the Development Gap Occurs Within Countries as Well as Globally.735 Words   |  3 Pageswithin countries as well as globally. 1) Introduction The development gap refers to the financial and social disparity between the poorest and wealthiest in society. Where economic indicators are low, social indicators are often also low, whereas the wealthiest countries also enjoy better healthcare and education. This gap has been widening for decades and is at its widest today. The poor are not necessarily getting poorer; in fact nearly everybody has seen an improvement in quality of life overRead MorePoverty And Poor People And The Rich1364 Words   |  6 Pagescrevice between poor people and the rich has extended to its vastest levels since time remembrance. Financial imbalance likewise alluded to as the hole between poor people and the rich, riches uniqueness or wage disparity comprises of the distinctions in the pay and riches appropriation. Ordinarily, the term the hole between poor people and the rich alludes to disparity among gatherings and people in the general public, however can too allude to imbalance among nations. The c revice between poor peopleRead More`` Still Separate, Still Unequal : America s Educational Apartheid Essay1011 Words   |  5 Pagesfull potential of its people. Jonathan Kozol in his article â€Å"Still Separate, Still Unequal: America’s Educational Apartheid†, discusses the drastic difference in the quality of education based on a family’s income. Kozol discusses how economic disparities usually coincide with race, but focuses on the economic gap of education. Malcolm Gladwell’s podcast â€Å"Carlos doesn’t remember†, gives a story and a personal touch, to the issues low income students face. Kozol writing and Gladwell’s podcast, both

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The Impact Of Adoption On All Other Involved - 1511 Words

Daniel Floyd English III Mrs. Dixon 20 April, 2016 The Impact of Adoption on All Those Involved There are many decisions, issues, and solutions that come along with the adoption process. It can be a very stressful and time consuming process and experience. The decision to adopt in itself is a very difficult decision, but along with it comes many other tough decisions. The adopting family must decide between open or closed adoption, the age of the child they wish to bring into the home, and the race of the child. Also, the adopting family must consider the social and emotional impact adoption can have on the future adoptee. Each of these variables come with pros and cons and should be considered before making this life altering decision. With closed adoptions, meaning those adoptions where the birth parents have no further contact with the adoptee or the adoptive family, one has to look at the fact the birth parents, who could be considered not the best of people, are out of their lives for good. There is not an issue with a birth parent coming in at some point and ruining the relationship that has been built between the adopted child and their family. However, the adoptee may develop a sense of a lack of identity since the adoptee would have no contact with their biological beginnings. Open adoptions, those adoptions where the birth parents and the forever families continue to have contact with one another throughout the child’s life, give the child the option toShow MoreRelatedEssay about Arguments for Open Adoption Records1721 Words   |  7 PagesFor those who are a part of the adoption world one of the most hotly debated issues is whether birth records should be open or closed to adoptees. With this issue comes strong feelings on both sides. In most states adoption records are fully sealed and inaccessible, unless the adoptee petitions the court. In 16 states these records are fully or partially available upon request with no court involvement, and also may depend upon when you were born. In a few states records are completely prohibitedRead MoreEssay On IFRS Adoption881 Words   |  4 Pagesdoubt would make an enormous impact in the U.S, whether it is over litigation, audit related issues, companies’ lifestyle, or changes in tax principles. An important aspect in the change in tax principles is that the convergence would lead to a change on financial statements, which would most likely have a tax impact since most tax methods are based on U.S. GAAP or at least have some sort of correlation with it. There are many potential implications of IFRS adoption over taxation in the U.S. SomeRead MoreThe Effects of Adoption on a Family Essay1156 Words   |  5 Pagesphysically , and psychologically. Adoption is one situation a family must encounter when a child is born without a proper system of support to sustain life after birth. The causes for a family to make a heartfelt decision to place a child for adoption can have dramatic effects on the birth parents, adoptive parents, and child (Adoptee), even if the decision is meant for the best. The birth parents are affected by the thought of loss of a child due to the adoption placement procedure during pregnancyRead MoreNavirn1250 Words   |  5 Pagesallocation and wealth distribution, it has the mandate to control the setting of accounting standards as this will have a direct impact on how its GDP is calculated and how total government resources are distributed. Politicizing creation of accounting standards is not just inevitable but just. Institutions which are politically reactive have the decisive right to control others to obey their rules and this happens in a society which is highly committed to democratic legitimization of authority (HopwoodRead MoreFoster Care Research Essay1600 Words   |  7 Pageschildren in foster care, etc. In this work there will also be reference to aspects of adoption and foster care together. This paper will encompass all parties affected by foster care and will ultimately talk about what qualities are expected of social workers who work in foster care. â€Æ' America is facing daily challenges when it comes to abortion, children with no place to go, the foster care system, adoption agencies, social services department, and just ultimately not knowing how to continueRead MoreThe Main Finding Is Thus That The Variable â€Å"Adoptee† Is1432 Words   |  6 Pagesthe risk of delinquency. The immigration and the adoption is not what brings about the risk. Danish adoptees greater than 12 months at adoption and stepchildren are the most exposed to convictions and to psychiatric contact. Now this study asks why step children would be more exposed to convictions and to psychiatric contract because the researchers tend to believe that when a single parent acquires a new partner, then this will have a positive impact on the child, but their findings show that it isRead MoreShould Same Sex Couples Be Allowed to Adopt?954 Words   |  4 Pagessubjects has become more lenient. One thing that still can cause an uproar seems to be what women dec ide to do with their children once they become pregnant, whether it be abortion or adoption. Even more controversial on the latter subject seems to be who can and cannot adopt children who are being put up for adoption. This leads to the topic of the argument, should same sex couples be allowed to adopt? As homosexuals continue to gain almost most the rights as heterosexuals, there should be no notionRead MorePropensity-Score Matching (Psm). The Propensity Score Matching1549 Words   |  7 Pagesthe program evaluation (Heinrich et al., 2010).The model is appropriate for addressing the problem of selection bias (Wooldridge, 2002) in determining the difference between the participant’s outcome with (in this case adoption of weather index insurance) and without (non-adoption of the weather index insurance) programme (Pufahl Weiss, 2008). Pufahl Weiss also note that participants and non-participants ordinarily differ even in the absence of the programme. Studies on program eva luation showRead MoreLegalization Of Same Sex Marriage1594 Words   |  7 Pagesfabric opponents of same-sex marriage fear will not occur. Research shows that same-sex unions greatly benefit the economy at several levels and in many ways. I believe that legalizing same-sex marriage will boost the nations economy by tax revenues, adoption fess, and increases in tourism. The view that marriage is only intended for divorce is a pessimistic outlook. Legalizing same-sex marriages nationwide will not only benefit gay couples through taxes and division of property, but also it will boostRead MoreProspective Parents Should Have A License1536 Words   |  7 Pagesmeeting the expectations, the traits, or showing you have the ability to perform the duty to it s best grade, you won t be getting the opportunity which happens more often than not. Driving requires a license, certain careers require degrees, adoptions require extensive background checks, and certified babysitting websites require background checks and an educational background. Peg Tittle writes, We already license pilots, salesmen, scuba divers, plumbers, electricians, teachers, veterinarians

Types Of Speech Databases - 1068 Words

IV. Speech Databases Once the features used for emotion detection are selected, the feature vector for a number of training data samples should be obtained. Consequently, the next important phase of building the SER system is to select the database. Prior to selecting the database, it is vital to understand the different kinds of databases available with speech percepts [4]. Datasets for speech signals that can be used for emotion detection should be tagged with a text label that denotes the category of emotion expressed in the speech. Based on the environment used for data collection, the databases can belong to one of the following categories. 1. A simulated dataset in one in which actors who are trained artists record speech percepts in†¦show more content†¦The volunteers belonged to different genders and cultures and spoke different languages. The emotions recorded in this dataset belong to six categories, namely: Anger, disgust, fear, joy, sadness and surprise. V. Speech Emotion Detection Algorithms The main function of the emotion detection system is to use all the collected data and its features to identify the emotion expressed in it. To perform this a classifier algorithm can be used to create a classification model. There are several options of classification algorithms that can be used for this purpose. Some of the top choices of algorithm based on research and existing systems include Bayes classifier, Support Vector Machines (SVM), Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM), K-nearest neighbors (KNN), Hidden Markov Models (HMM) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANN). Bayes classifier [11] is one of the oldest classification algorithm that works based on the Bayes Theorem. Bayes theorem works based on prior probability values and assumes independence between the features used for analysis. The bayes classification model works efficiently on very large datasets. It is simple and easy to build. Bayes classifier used in emotion detection for speech gives an average accuracy of 67%. The nearest neighbor algorithm is a lazy learning algorithm that analyses many training data samples and relates every test data sample to the closest matching train data sample to produce an output [12]. In this algorithm aShow MoreRelatedThe Evolution Of Database Management System1099 Words   |  5 PagesThe Evolution of DBMS A database management system, also known as DBMS, is a type of software that is used in order to create and manage a multitude of databases. Data is the power that runs most modern businesses. This specific program provides a technique for people to use a â€Å"systematic† way to create, retrieve, update, and manage many diverse types of data. DBMS is used to manage three important things, which is data, database engine, and database schema. These different elements help to provideRead MoreInformative Speech On Symptoms, Diagnosis, And Treatment Of Generalized Anxiety Disorder1420 Words   |  6 Pages Planning for the Informative Speech with Analysis Speech Topic: To inform my audience of the symptoms, diagnosis, and treatment of Generalized anxiety disorder Rhetorical Purpose: To inform my audience about . . . Their own mental profile and how to recognize the symptoms so they can help themselves and others around them Audience Analysis: (Refer to chapter on Audience Analysis) (RU Core Goal: a) Summarize Audience demographics, prior exposure/knowledge, common ground/interest, disposition/attitudeRead MoreClassifiers For Emotional Speech Recognition1670 Words   |  7 PagesComparative Study on Support Vector Machines Classifiers for Emotional Speech Recognition Jimmy Dani Abstract—Recently, increasing attention has been directed to the study of the emotional content of speech signals, and hence, many systems have been pro- posed to identify the emotional content of a spoken utterance. There are various important aspects of emotion recognition using speech. The first one is the choice of suitable features for speech representation. The second issue is the design of an appropriateRead MoreSwot Analysis : Biometrics Biometric Fingerprint And Voice Recognition, Authentication, And Authentication1639 Words   |  7 Pagesphysical characteristics, such as fingerprints, to earn entry for personal identification. Since After the invention of the exclusive technology it has been being used in safety systems and authentication. Presently, security fields have three different types of authentication, they are: Something we know: a password, PIN, or piece of personal information something we have: a card key, smart card, or token and something we are: a B iometric based computer networks and its access in the internet are the techniquesRead MoreThe Challenges For Students Today1158 Words   |  5 Pagesis locating and navigating different databases and making sure that research sources are credible and scholarly. We are lucky, in that CSU Global Library has given its students access to several different databases, therefore, making it easier to navigate vast amounts of information. I found two different databases that will be helpful with my two areas of interest, healthcare management and clinical research. The first database is EBSCO. It is a database with a broad range of topics. It includesRead MoreThe Challenges For Students Today1161 Words   |  5 Pagessuccess is locating and navigating different databases and making sure that research sources are credible and scholarly. We are lucky, in that CSU Global Library has given its students access to several different databases, making it easier to navigate vast amounts of information. I found two different databases that I feel will be helpful with my two areas of interest, healthcare management and clinical research. The first database is EBSCO. It is a database with a broad range of topics. It includesRead MoreLanguage Paper1544 Words   |  7 PagesMichelle Langmesser Psy-360 June 6, 2010 Eboni Sheilds Definition of Language â€Å"Many definitions of language have been suggested. An English Phonetician and language scholar, Henry Sweet stated, Language is the expression of ideas by means of speech-sounds combined into words. Words are combined into sentences, this combination answering to that of ideas into thoughts† (language, 2010). The American linguists George L. Trager and Bernard Bloch have the following definition, a language is a systemRead MoreAcc 556 Week One Memo1179 Words   |  5 Pagesoccupational fraud and abuse on the company, 2.) U.S. governmental oversight of accounting fraud and abuse and its effect on the organization and, 3.) Potential corruption schemes to be aware of. This information will be followed by a recommendation of the types of accounting evidence and methods of gathering such information to support a financial review. The Impact of Occupational Fraud and Abuse on the Company Occupational fraud occurs when an employee uses their job to obtain individual gain or enrichmentRead MoreCampaign Finance Regulations1453 Words   |  6 PagesCampaign finance regulations have the potential to stifle free speech and impede the election process created for fair and efficient elections. These laws, which limit political spending, serves to limit speech by restricting the average citizen’s ability to both receive and deliver political messages. Laws that restrict spending on political campaigns not only dampen freedoms of speech but but have a counter affect on our democratic society. Regardless of which political side of the fence youRead MoreSpeech On Steroids And Major League Baseball1638 Words   |  7 PagesKyle Hamilton SPK 208-20 10/30/16 Persuasive Speech Outline I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: On August 7th, 2007, Barry Bonds hit home run number 756, passing Hank Aaron for the most home runs in Major League history. However, this record is controversial, due to steroid use. B. Thesis: Today I am going to persuade you all about the use of steroids in Major League Baseball, persuading you why steroids should not be allowed in Major League Baseball. I have a call to action for all of you to help

Physical Activity and Risk Factors †Free Samples to Students

Question: Discuss about the Physical Activity and Risk Factors. Answer: Introduction: Sultan Bin Saeed Al Mansoori, is the Economy Minister of UAE believed that the country is in progress of gaining the benefits of its policy of economy diversification. This policy helped the country to move from the dependency on one sector i.e. oil sector to depending on various sectors. From last few years the economy of the nation is growing positively. The economy now is determined through its own aspects, whereas its efficiency basis is durable, strong and diversified (Khaleej Times. 2015). Physical fitness of the work force in UAE is an opportunity such as it helps in managing the lifestyle of the employee as hectic schedule do not allow him to invest time in the gym so work place is the best place to adopt the healthy habits. On the other side to maintain the physical fitness of the older workers is a challenge. Family members, shareholders, community, employees and whole society is affected directly or indirectly by the workforce physical fitness level (Pronk, 2015). Physical fitness has relations with the positive health results, with declining risk for unnecessary deaths and long-lasting circumstances such as type 2 diabetes, back pain, cancers, cardiovascular disease, high cholesterol, as well as less health maintenance expenditure, efficiency loss, absence, temporary disability, and lost workdays and improved mood and performance of the work (Sport and Dev. 2017). Fitness is also related with non-health related aids, such as increase in the income of the person as well as his/her family, decreased debt, decrease in the number of unemployment, decrease turnover rate, satisfaction of the job and enrollment and workers retention. Security of the nation is enhanced due to fitness of the particular occupational groups such as law enforcement, firefighters and military as safety is a societal benefit (Health Galaxy. 2016). The workers will be more active due to full-time employment. Full-time employment amongst men, was completely related with physical movement stages irrespective of being in a sitting or desk job as compared to persons who did not work. Among women, though, persons in sitting full-time jobs were considerably less active compared to their nonworking colleagues. However, women with active jobs were approximately 30% extra active throughout the week compared to those with sitting jobs and similarly approx. 22% of men were noted (Pronk , 2015). Company is benefited due to the fitness of its workforce in the matter of its business performance and peoples health. This benefit indicates towards the better economic wealth for an progressively group of people and adds to the mutual resource pool, allowing groups to participate more in other macro societal factors of health such as governance, infrastructure, education, mass media, culture, migration, etc. several of these are serious for the success of a business and all of them are critical for health (Drevits, 2015). Such investments generate good jobs, rise housing worth and upkeep global, national and local competitiveness. Therefore, fitness of the workforce is very important for their companies, family, communities and to themselves and hence to be taken as a corporate asset to be concurrently sheltered and encouraged. Health services of UAE Several emerging countries are struggling against hunger and poor health. Spending on health has been considered as investment in human wealth. Economic development and health has a reciprocal relation (Frenk, 2017). To improve the health of the people Economic development policies are very important. Good health donates to development of economy. Good health is considered to be a basic need of human and is an important goal. The potential of human increases with the good health and improves the quality of work. Therefore, programs of health main aim is to eliminate illness and death and to deliver sufficient hygiene, health care and nutrition. According to the estimations approx. 99 percent of the UAE population had access to use the health facilities, approx. 95 percent had approached to safe water and hygiene facilities are accessed by 77 percent of the population (Shihab, 2017). The aim of health policies of UAE Government is to provide different facilities and at programs implementing is aimed at progressing the service level and providing the education of health in UAE. They have initiated precautionary medical programs like mother and child health care, vaccination and immunizations for children, observing and noticing of infectious diseases, and health informative programs. In addition, the Ministry of Health (MOH) of UAE offers medical centres for school going children, to all the units of health for children in every school throughout the UAE. Qualified nurses with equipments of first aid are also provided by these units. According to the population of UAE doctors, hospitals, nurses and beds are available througho ut the UAE. Generally, in UAE health facilities are distributed evenly (Abed Hellyer, 2001). Companies of UAE are working towards creating an environment of happier and healthier through different social and sports activities. The Ras Al Khaimah which is a free trade zone has launched a program of wellness and fitness for its 370 employees, providing different workshops for volleyball and yoga with healthy breakfast (Swan, 2012). According to the deputy director general Maryam Al Murshedi Al Shehhi, people are their main asset. Business cannot be maintained without a happy and healthy staff, otherwise they will be considered as a machine. A good product cannot be produced without a good machine. Even, the doctors week was offered by the company to its staff where they learnt about prevention from diseases, skincare and cosmetic treatments. Afterward, smoking cessation and weight loss campaigns will be held and daily health food will be offered that will include cereal, yogurt and fruit. Further, Simple changes were asked from the employees like drinking water. Normally, peop le do not drink enough water which is required when they sit in an office, but this habit does not only effect the health of the people but their morale too. The UAE is counted in one of the wealthy country, it is because of its resources of oil and its population base. The above essay proves that the fitness of the workforce and the growth of the economy are related. If workforce will not be fit then they will not give their best in the work and will definitely affect the profit of business and overall the economy of the UAE country. Eventually, if people will be fit it will not only benefit the economy of UAE but also the family of the individual. References Abed, I Hellyer, P. (2001). United Arab Emirates: A New Perspective. Trident Press Ltd. Drevits, T. (2015). The Five Benefits of Workplace Fitness Culture. Retrieved from: https://www.corporatewellnessmagazine.com/worksite-wellness/five-benefits-workplace-fitness-culture/ Frenk, J. (2017). Health and the economy: A vital relationship. Retrieved from: https://oecdobserver.org/news/archivestory.php/aid/1241/Health_and_the_economy:_A_vital_relationship_.html Health Galaxy. (2016). Benefits of physical fitness. Retrieved from: https://www.health-galaxy.com/benefits-of-physical-fitness.html Khaleej Times. (2015). UAE economy is strong, sustainable: Al Mansoori. Retrieved from: https://www.khaleejtimes.com/nation/government/uae-economy-is-strong-sustainable-al-mansoori Pronk, N.P. (2015). Why does fitness matter? Retrieved from: https://www.annualreviews.org/doi/pdf/10.1146/annurev-publhealth-031914-122714 Shihab, M. (2017). Economic Development in the UAE. Retrieved from: https://www.uaeinteract.com/uaeint_misc/pdf/perspectives/12.pdf Sport and Dev. (2017). Sport, physical activity and risk factors for major diseases. Retrieved from: https://www.sportanddev.org/en/learn-more/health/sport-physical-activity-and-risk-factors-major-diseases-0 Swan, M. (2012). UAE companies work towards happy, healthy workforce. Retrieved from: https://www.thenational.ae/lifestyle/wellbeing/uae-companies-work-towards-happy-healthy-workforce-1.386887

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Leadership and Management Nongovernmental Organization

Question: Discuss about the Leadership and Management for Nongovernmental Organization. Answer: Introduction: World Vision is a leading nongovernmental organization which is spread all over the world. The main aim of this organization is to eradicate poverty in different disadvantageous areas by including the inhabitants into regular working fields like agriculture, handicrafts and many others. Their main initiatives that had been taken by them for the purpose are community development, humanitarian and emergency relief, tackling injustice through effective policy change and advocacy (World Vision, 2015). They also try engaging more Australians into these initiatives for better output and to achieve goal easily. This organization has appointed different employees who have the same will and vision of serving the humanity just like that of the organization's vision. The same vision when shared by the organization as well as their employees, the goals is achieved easily. Out of 652 employees, 543 workers are based on full time, and 109 are part-timers. The organization has strategically divided the tasks among different employees based on the employee's own interests (World Vision, 2015). There is an effective program resource team who are mainly concerned with managing donations of noncash resources to meet critical needs. Separating the cash and noncash resource management team, they had strategically been able to handle out situations without conflicts and at the same time helped in effective communication between the two teams. They have kept employees under many designations based on their fields of expertise and their typical skill of communication in that field. This is an effective stra tegy as this will help the organization to bring out the best outcome for each that will help in fulfilling a bigger interconnected objective (Anderson, 2014). There is contact center consultant who helps to discover values and best outcomes of their supporters so that they perform their best. This relationship helps to provide a sense of reliability and security among the workers. Manager of marketing communications is mainly involved in effective interaction and discussion of the core values that are contributed by their supporters to bring out the best effects. Their effective ways of handling the invited ideas of the supporters help in building a relation of companionship and trust and the workers and supporters feel a sense of acceptance and importance. Security and safety managers remain on 24 hours assistance to guide the safety and security issues of the workers (World Vision, 2015). The Aid campaign project manager aims to bring more and more Australians to dedicate themsel ves of this noble initiative. There is also the pastoral care manager who is appointed with the sole aim of creating bonds between the employees so that they can maintain a healthy relationship among themselves and help each other to reach goals easily. From the employment of the above important designation, one can find out that the organization has set up the best strategize where each and every person has the primary aim of creating a bonding between every worker that would help the supporters to be happy and contempt (World Vision, 2017). The organization knows that a growing perfect relationship between the employees and that of the employees with the organization would help to achieve goals easily (Knowles, Servatika Sullivan, 2016). The organization has discussed extensively the safety and security concerns among themselves and had implemented policies after thorough discussion with policy makers and senior leaders. They had taken active steps to spread safety awareness and visibility and engagement. The concerned risk assessment managers were given scopes to update hazard profile and activate risk management processes (Faulkner et al., 2015). They developed induction programs with new visions and incorporating hazards, define safety roles and responsibilities to the supporters so that they can do not face any serious accidents or crisis and many others. Another important role the risk managers played was to develop and streamline the med fit program which helped to ensure whether the employees are fit for development The hiring policies of the employees do not seek for any information about the sexual preferences of the employees. They seek to ask no questions about family related matters and strictly believe that the employees need to read, sign and abide by the Child Protection Policy and undertake criminal record checks before commencing employment. They do not ask any questions about sexual orientation, marriage or lifestyle choices during recruitment interviews. Moreover, particular promotion of absence of discrimination or harassment is clearly not mentioned, but it can be assumed that all the employees work with their will on their chosen project and are very compassionate towards human kind. Therefore discrimination and harassment are considered to be monitored and strictly handled so that their main mission is not hampered. Regarding equality, it is also seen that the government do not discriminate on the gender of the workers and appoints males and females based on their skills, experiences, knowledge and capability to perform a specific role. Different types of risks always remain associated with the employees who have to travel and stay in the midst of various communities with the objective to develop the community through proper health education and livelihood strategies. This may include insensitivity due to cultural differences, anger and ferociousness of different tribal groups, ethical differences and many others. This may lead to severe negative impacts like injury, accidents and even several crises which may not always have time to be to act according to the risk management procedures. This may lead to life threats. Moreover, poverty stricken areas may also provide difficulty for the volunteers who may not survive there for long. This may be taken as a failure that may break the employee's motivation and confidence. All these may have negative impacts on labor forces, and associated workers may be influenced, and they may leave the organization in bulks, ultimately harming the organizations mission (Brothers, 2015 ). Crisis of funds may also arise which may lead to compromised working quality and delay in achieving goals for the organization The list of potential lists would include insufficient fund raise that would affect the coursework planned for completion of a particular motive. This may also involve improper communication between the employees leading to miscommunication, anger, jealousy and others. Similar interest to work on a particular project may arise within the individual which when not addressed properly may lead to disappointments and anguish. Other may include cultural differences as this organization offers employment to a variety of workforces irrespective of caste, creed and religion. To resolve the above mentioned problems, a good management system is to be prepared by the organization although they possess a capable one. However, internal conflicts are a very serious concern, and therefore skilled managers and experts need to be employed who would have a good knowledge in relationship development and marinating human resources effectively. The government should also categorically appoint every post and assign tasks so that there arises no issues, conflicts and confusion among different individuals. Policy development for diversity promotion program: To develop a policy to enhance the concept of diversity in the workplace, different responsibilities are to be adopted by the present employees as well as the managers of the firm (Gallinsky et al., 2015). Beside this, the policy should also pinpoint the different legal acts that should govern the different behaviors that a particularly responsible employee must possess. Engage themselves in a variety of educational workshops that would be based on workplace diversity. This would ensure the employees to understand how to treat colleagues of other cultures and also the positive outcomes that it will possess. Handle every issue of complaints of harassment, bullying or insults complained by a particular employee. Care should be taken that the victim or the accused employee are properly treated and made to understand their faults. Ensure that all the performances and the assignments to be completed by the employees must follow the diversity principle rules that the organization follows. This would prevent confusion and conflicts. Proper support and encouragement to be provided so that every employee can experience flexible working arrangement and conditions. Behave properly in a way that will help to promote the enhancement of culture which values diversity among fellow workers. Capable of aligning one's own and other's diverse skills and talents that would help to provide a high quality work output supporting all the cultures (Bond Haynes, 2014). Not harass or insult another employee because of his different cultural and diversity values and rather try to be tolerant towards their views. Maintain the rules and regulations under that follow the APS Values and Employment Principles and the codes of conduct. The legal framework that the company should follow and maintain consists of acts which when not followed may result in penalty and punishment for the individual accused (Dobbin Kaley, 2013). The acts that should be followed are Public Service Act 1999, Racial Discrimination Act, 1975, Sex Determination Act 1984, Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Community Act 1986 and Fair Wok Act 2009. References: Anderson, G. (2014). Being charitable [Book Review].Law Society Journal: the official journal of the Law Society of New South Wales,52(3), 82. Bond, M. A., Haynes, M. C. (2014). Workplace diversity: A socialecological framework and policy implications.Social Issues and Policy Review,8(1), 167-201. Brothers, M. J. (2015).Rebalancing Public Partnership: Innovative Practice Between Government and Nonprofits from Around the World. Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.. Dobbin, F., Kalev, A. (2013). The origins and effects of corporate diversity programs. Elliott, J. H., Turner, T., Clavisi, O., Thomas, J., Higgins, J. P., Mavergames, C., Gruen, R. L. (2014). Living systematic reviews: an emerging opportunity to narrow the evidence-practice gap.PLoS Med,11(2), e1001603. Faulkner, M., Truong, O., Romaniuk, J. (2015). Barriers to Increasing Donor Support Evidence on the Incidence and Nature of Brand Rejection.Nonprofit and Voluntary Sector Quarterly,44(5), 1007-1025. Galinsky, A. D., Todd, A. R., Homan, A. C., Phillips, K. W., Apfelbaum, E. P., Sasaki, S. J., ... Maddux, W. W. (2015). Maximizing the Gains and Minimizing the Pains of Diversity A Policy Perspective.Perspectives on Psychological Science,10(6), 742-748. Knowles, S., Servtka, M., Sullivan, T. (2016). Deadlines, Procrastination, and Inattention in Charitable Tasks: A Field Experiment.Available at SSRN 2576625. World Vision,. (2017). Annual report, 2015. Worldvision.com.au. Retrieved 10 January 2017, from https://www.worldvision.com.au/docs/default-source/annual-reports/wv-annual-reports/annual-report-2015-v2.pdf?sfvrsn=2